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Social workshops are the first work place for young people with severe disabilities.

People over 18 years of age with such diagnoses as infantile cerebral palsy, mental deficiency, Down’s syndrome, autism, epilepsy can work in the social workshops.

Creation of social workshops is considered to be a step toward independent living of young people with disabilities in community.

The workshops determine one’s position in life; they provide work and joy of communication with other people. This is our life and we should live a worthy life.

“Social Workshops” are the school of life and work.
Depending on their abilities and skills young people with severe disabilities will be able to choose the kind of work in the workshop they like best.

The main aim of social workshops is to create possibilities for spiritual renewal, rehabilitation and return of young people with severe disabilities into the communty.

Social workshops give a young person with functional limitations the right to achieve the maximum in his/her development.

“Working for people is a great joy!”

Young people with severe disabilities have no such negative traits as hypocrisy, meanness and ability to lie, they can sincerely sympathize, love and believe.

Philantropists are and will always be the major source of sustainability of social workshops who support the workshops with money, materials and by buying their products.

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