Integrated fashion theatre with the use of alternative materials “ZABAVA” (“FUN”)

“Open Hearts” Association

Integrated fashion theatre with the use of alternative materials “Zabava” – a laureate of the IV International Integration Theatrical Festival “Soniachna Khvylia” (“Sun Wave”), Vinnytsia Regional Festival “Povir u Sebe” (“Believe in Yourself”) was founded in October 2004.

The speciality of the theatre lies in combining the fashion show with musical, choreographic and dramatic art.

The theatre aims at assisting children and youth with functional limitations to be integration into the society by means of their creative abilities development, self-esteem and self-importance raising, widening their circle of friends.

The theatre is an intermedia form of art, that is why it enables to combine and use successfully art therapy, psychodrama, dance movement therapy, empathy in rehabilitation process.

Theatre has always implied impersonation, empathy, play allowing the participants to “try on” any image. This is very important for their rehabilitation, constant play enables them to become more self-confident in future – first within the limits of the theatrical studio, on the stage and then to transfer this confidence into their everyday life.

A significant feature of the theatre is its integrated nature: children and youth with special needs act on the stage with their brothers, sisters and friends.

The choice of such theatrical activity as Fashion Theatre, making costumes with the use of alternative materials gives large opportunities of numerous forms and methods of work with the theater actors, and also goces the possibility of individual approach to the image choice. The experience shows that the theatrical activity positively influences the imagination and fantasy development, fostering of feelings, development of communication skills. The work over the scenario and costumes creates the atmosphere of the group cohesion, emotional rise, inspiration. The stage director, psychologist, costume-stylist, choreographer, sound control supervisor work with the actors of the theatre. While working over the image the participants of the performances learn to overcome complexes, defects, manifestation of their disease to present their image on the stage successfully. The participants of the theatre group vividly show mutual support, cooperation with each other. The participation of the children and youth with special needs in the theatre has changed not only themselves but also the relations in their families. The parents started believing in their children’s abilities and artistic skills, the pride and happiness for their children can be seen in their eyes. We are sure that the of the Integrated Theatre “Zabava” (“Fun”) Project will change not only all the people involved in this Project but will also reduce the stigmatization, change the impression of people about us, will make the world more open and we shall become more successful.

4 performances have been staged during since the theatre “Zabava” (“Fun") was founded:
“A Winter Fairy-Tale”,
“Spring Forest Fairy-Tales”,
“New-Year Night Magic Dreams",
“A Pumpkin Walking In the Vegetable Garden”

Спектакль "Казки весняного лісу"
Спектакль "Зимова казка"

The theatre has taken part in regional and city holiday celebrations. Creative achievements of our actors inspire us to further work and successful development of the Project been financed since 2005 by the Administration for Family and Youth Affairs of Vinnytsia Regional Administration.

The Theatre Artistic Director – Golovko Nataliia
Production Director
– Zabolotna Nataliia
– Zabolotna Mariia

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